At Jay Jung Architect Inc, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to every job we do. Starting with a proposal that is tailored to your project, we outline in a step by step fashion the services we provide and how we guide you from beginning to end. Normally we begin by taking measurements of the existing condition. With that information we create 3d Revit models and drawings, and can begin the design process. We work with you to create a program and a ballpark budget for the work. This helps us define the scope of work and the expectations. We insist that the clients participate fully in each and every phase in a project. This is a team efforts, and we see one of our most important roles as “guides”

Below is brief explanations of Each Design Process.

  1. Zoning and Site Analysis

  2. Site plan and Landscape Plan

  3. Floor Plans (Using BIM-3d visualization program)

  4. Building Elevations and Sections (Using BIM-3d visualization program)

  5. Architectural Details

  6. Renderings

We believe that the architect’s role is not to dominate the process, but rather to guide it to completion with the client’s top priorities in mind. This successful collaboration between client and architect will result in gracious, efficient and comfortable spaces in which to live and work.


Building permits are required before you build, demolish, repair or alter most buildings, decks, mezzanines, retaining walls, garages, carports, secondary suites, swimming pools, plumbing, sprinklers, furnaces or structures. It is very important to get a Building Permit before beginning your project.

Once the building permit applications with associated drawings and documents are submitted, it goes through several stages of review before it is ready to be issued. These typically include addressing, planning, zoning review and code review. At this stage it is possible for other issues to arise that may require additional information or documentation such as a need for a professional engineer, a development permit, variance permit, a height survey or other information. You will be contacted as soon as possible regarding any additional information that is required.

The application remains active for 6 months from application date. Once a permit is issued, it remains valid for up to two years, only if: The first inspection is completed within 6 months from permit issue date, or; The work is not suspended or discontinued for more than one year.

All permits expire two years after the date of issue; however it is possible to renew a permit for an additional period if necessary to complete the project.

Each town/city has slightly different rules and timelines. We will be very happy to discuss in details with you.


Contract administration involves making decisions and the timely flow of information and decisions to enable completion of the project as required by the contract documents(Drawings and specifications) including review and observation of the construction project. This is important to the Owner not only to determine that the work is proceeding in conformity with the drawings and specifications, but also because it allows a final opportunity to detect any inaccuracies, ambiguities or inconsistencies in the design. With more than 15 years of experience from initial design to construction administration phase, we would love to help you create the best results possible with spaces designed specifically for the needs of you.